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Tristan Taormino's Chemistry Vol. 3  The breakfast of champions? Pizza, satsumas, and a porno flick. Porn really is one of the best ways to start the day, I only wish I could start my days with porn more often. I probably won’t be writing about very many gonzo videos here, as this type of production usually doesn’t contain much sex that is generally appealing to women, but I love Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry series, particularly Volume 3.

(Gonzo is one of two main categories of pornography, usually contrasted with feature films, that uses a lot of close-up and point-of-view filming–the director is trying to bring the viewer into the scene. Many of these videos tend to lack a plot or direction and consist of “wall-to-wall” sex scenes. As I feel that most women need a sense of plausibility in their porn, wall-to-wall sex scenes don’t usually provide that situational context, that sense of connection that feature films try to portray through the plot.)

Chemistry is different. Modeled after MTV’s Real World, several porn stars stay in a house together for 36-hours. The performers choose who they fuck, when they do it, where they do it, and what acts will be included in the scene. The stars have a “perv cam” they can operate to film each other’s scenes in addition to outside cameramen. There’s no schedule, no rules, no script, and every one of them is really amazing. What I find really nice about this series is that although these are technically gonzo productions, I still get that sense of connection between the performers and a situational context. Yes, they are having sex simply because they are getting paid to have sex for the film, but they actually enjoy what they’re doing here and it shows. There is dialogue among the performers about sex and the industry and their scenes and there are confessional-style interviews where they performers talk about their experiences as porn stars.

I especially enjoy this volume because of the stars chemistry, for lack of a better term. They talk about their experiences and their ideas about sex without sounding cocky or pretentious. Well, Derrick Pierce sounds a little bit cocky at times, but not in a way that’s off-putting or insulting. The men (Christian, Derrick Pierce, and Steven St. Croix) all love women and they discuss the importance of being male talent in an industry which tends to focus on women as the moneymakers. The women (Roxy Deville, Jada Fire, and Hillary Scott) share what makes a good scene for them and the differences between their onscreen sex and their at home sex. It seems a little silly to love a porno for the dialogue, but I truly do. By far, my favorite moment in the whole movie is when Roxy Deville is hanging out in an empty bathtub in her panties and gym socks, talking to Derrick Pierce about how completely unsexy she is and how after porn, she wants to do cartoon voices (which she demonstrates). It’s so refreshing and exciting to see the real side of porn stars, doing what they do best in a way many films don’t explore.

Whether you have the full 5-6 hours to devote to the whole video plus some bonus features or just need a scene or two, Chemistry is sure to satisfy.